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  Qingdao five abundant fruit and Vegetable Development Co., Ltd is located in Shandong Province Laixi City Dong Zhuang tou vegetable wholesale market, in Weifang, Qingdao, Jimo, etc. with offices. The company has vegetable planting base of 500 acres, planted 50 acres of the facilities; fresh-keeping storehouse 1000 square meters, vegetable processing site, processing plant and equipment; low temperature seed storage; seed production, processing, testing facilities and equipment complete. 

  Company main business: the planting of vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, onion, coriander, Chinese cabbage, white radish, and so on; second, vegetables coarse processing and storage; three, vegetable seed sales; fourth, seed production; fifth, seed breeding. 

  Company personnel and institutions sound, perfect management system, marketing network all over the country. 
The company's business philosophy is through continuous innovation, for the community to create a better quality of agricultural products. 

  The company is willing to cooperate with the majority of comrades in good faith cooperation, mutual benefit and common development.